• Ohm's Law: The Science of Resistance, Voltage and Current

    Posted by Gregory Thelian

    Vaping is more than just pushing a button and blowing out big milky clouds of vapor. Vaping has saved lives and has proved to be a positive movement recently, but as with anything, it has it’s risks if not done responsibly. There is a process that needs to be understood before diving head first into builds, mods, and cloud competitions. When vaping, it is important to understand the concept of Ohm's law . Ohms law is composed of three categories : Resistance, Current, and Voltage. Current and voltage are directly proportional to each other in that when the current is increased, so is the voltage. On the other hand, voltage and current are inversely proportional to resistance because as voltage and current increase, the resistance decreases.  You get resistance by dividing voltage by current, current by dividing voltage by resistance, and lastly, voltage by multiplying resistance by current.


    When building coils, the reason why people super-subohm ( going under .1 resistance/ohms) is because it uses the battery at its maximum capacity. what this does is increase the vapor production in a quicker period of time in comparison to the vapor that would be produced at a higher resistance. For example, If you have the choice to drive between two roads, one paved and one not paved, you would pick the paved one because it would be get you to your destination more quickly.The unpaved road would cause more resistance to the car while driving, holding you back from driving like you would on the paved road. In the same way that driving on a paved road would be quicker and more efficient, building your coils at a low resistance results in producing vapor quicker.A downside to building super sub ohm is that because the battery is running at maximum capacity and is producing so much vapor so fast, the battery life is very short and not ideal for every day use. Usually, this build is used for cloud competitions. 


    All batteries have a max charge of 4.2 volts. They perform best when at a full charge, but are at risk of damage at any voltage below 3.5. ( The percentage varies between different manufacturers). Over time, these batteries decrease in quality due to usage. They do have a lifespan and will not hold a charge as well at four months as opposed to brand new ( depending on use). An average battery lasts from four to six months. Both less resistance and a higher current result in an increase in voltage.


    Imagine your mod as a car. Consider voltage to be top speed, but current to be the acceleration. Batteries contain two currents. One is the discharge current of the battery, the other is the milli amp hours ( how long the battery lasts). When batteries have a 35 amp hydrated discharge ( the speed at which your coils are producing vapor) its considered safe to use while super sub ohming . If you were to use a 20 amp hydrated discharge battery, there is a possibility of the battery exploding inside the mod due to the battery not being able to supply the coils the amount of amperage the build is asking for. This is not an area to cut corners by trying to find a cheaper alternative battery wise. Doing this could cause significant damage to both the mod and yourself. If two people have the same build, same mod, and same RDA, but one has a a 35 amp discharge battery and the other has a 30 amp discharge battery. The person with the 30 amp discharge is going to experience a delay in their coils heating up as opposed to the 35 which will heat up almost instantaneously. In cloud competitions, the current discharge of a battery is vital to performance.  

    Where this may not be the most exciting area of conversation in the vaping community, it is one of the most important. I think that once you grasp the concept of Ohms Law and understand the inner workings of the process behind vaping, it builds a certain level of respect for it. Now that the foundations have been laid and you have the basic knowledge of how the process runs you can enjoy the endless possibilities within vaping. 

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